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“Let us love, then, because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19.

One of the questions given to us during our preparation was: are you ready to take your final decision? This question sounds discouraging at first. But it took me courage to finally understand its sound. I take its opportunity as a process, not to remain in a negative perspective and asked myself; am I really motivated enough to take for another step in my life as a Canossian? So, I open myself to the reality formation itself to know what God desires of me, not my heart’s desires.

My journey to become a member of the institute was not easy. To be part of means to work hard. I have to stand and build my vocation on the rocky ground. Because the rain and the wind may cause it to fall. In fact, I cannot deny my own weaknesses and imperfections. But I thank God for gracing me good and perfect mediators. Many stories to re-tell. And it is the story of my journey towards Jerusalem that gives me courage to answer “Yes” given to me.

In a biblical way, when God promises that a blessing or judgment will last “forever”, what does it mean for me “forever” as a member of the congregation? Consider this believe, one may think of the final judgment event for sin and a sinner who will permanently eradicated from the earth but to those who believe that promise to “forever” is made to remain faithful and continue to offer myself to the Lord through my consecration. I have decided to live my life  in whatever situation without counting the limitations, weaknesses and imperfections for Lord and to things with love in the manner God has loved who called me.

God has blessed me abundantly. And His promise still open to the future fulfilment. Because that that which is “forever” Canossian only exists in a full respond and act on it. The only way God’s blessing can never end is through someone who is not subject to decay, He who can mediate between the promise of the past and the hope of the fulfilment in the future, He who offered himself by suffer, death and come back to life for the sake of many and He is Jesus, the crucified Lord.

Without experience, identifying, recognizing God’s mercy and promises in my life’s journey “forever” that I promised only last until the accomplishments of its purpose but with Jesus through His mediators. God first love me unconditionally. I believe His love goes beyond my capacity of understanding, His love never ends. This promise inspires me to share the good news of Jesus with those who do not love and know Him so all may take the opportunity to choose, decide, and respond to the love and promises made by God in life.

A saying that: “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own action”- Dalai Lama. In fact, happiness does have a pretty important role in our lives, and can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Although sometimes we seemed not so happy but we have decided to be happy because God does not need obedience soldiers but a happy sons and have a big heart in order to serve with love and humility in the vineyard of the Lord.

And so my happiness is not complete without praising God and thanking the Lord for His Love and graces bestowed upon me, especially I am grateful for the gift of God in my life and the gift Canossian Vocation. Without God, I would not be able to defend and recognize His loving presence in my journey becoming a Canossian forever.

May the love, the spirit of Magdalene of Canossa: special love for the poor, Our Lady of Sorrows’ compassionate love, special love for the children: servant of God brother Giovanni Zuccolo, and the mark of our Vincentian educator saint Vincent de Paul, remain in our hearts as we serve God’s people with love and care for His glory shown by Jesus on the cross. In response, we have decided to become happy sons; “We love, then, because He first loved us” (Cf. 1 John 4:19).

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